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    Worldwide events and attractions
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    City centre beaches
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    Extreme ride equipment
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    High profile rides and attractions
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    Winter Wonderlands for the family
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Welcome to City Event Leisure Group

What we do ...

We provide first class amusement rides and attractions at music festivals, public events, private functions, corporate events and film productions, As well as organise, plan and manage major themed events throughout the UK, from your school fun day to major events such as Chester Winter Wonderland.

Build city centre events

Fast becoming a major supplier of managed leisure events: providing the equipment and staff for events in any city centre, retail area or high street shopping locations. Our services to the public have gained us an excellent reputation for customer service for over 25 years.
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Build leisure experiences

We are not like any other company in our sector, we pride ourselves on professionalism, integrity and our approachable attitude to our clients in order to meet the expectations of the general public and our customers in providing the very best leisure experience so they come back time and time again.
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Create happy customers

The main purpose of bringing events like ours to your city are to provide dwell time for the customer and general public: this in turn provides footfall and increased customer traffic to surrounding retail outlets and therefore giving the whole area a much lifted boost in trade.
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Our History

Company Owner Frederick Stokes Jnr

Frederick Stokes son, of Frederick Stokes Snr has worked in the industry since being a young boy. Along with his father and 2 brothers they have provided rides not only in the UK but Hong Kong, Bangkok & Dubai. Knowing the industry so well they started manufacturing children's rides which have proved a huge success and still do to this day. This success enabled them to invest in bigger and better rides which keeps growing year after year.

We have over 20 years experience in providing a variety of rides and attractions at any kind of event.
Tel: 07855 527686 email: