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Funfair Rides and Attractions:



5 floors of madness where parents can accompany children over the water feature, through the moving barrel, up the moving stairs and down the winding slide and across the shaking floors.
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Family favourite with the younger kids and parents. It has plenty of gentle turns to put a smile on everyone’s face. A very attractive fun little character!
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Brand new children's ride which is themed on the movie "CARS" is proving to be very popular as it whips around the corner!
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Our unique "London Bus" concept ride is an absolute favorite when placed at any funfair event or town centre event.
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Rocking Tug

Rocks back and forth rotating as it moves along the track that gives you a feeling like your riding the waves.
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Balloon Race

Brightly outfitted with colourful spinning baskets which lifts in the air and tilts in a circulating motion is a perfect family attraction.
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Booster Maxx Mach 5

Booster Maxx Mach 5
Ultimate thrill ride stands at a whopping 55m high and reaches speeds up to 125km/h. Not for the faint hearted.
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40m Star Flyer

A unique tower ride that appeals to both young and old, the adventurous and not so adventurous. The star flyer is a combination of a high view attraction and a classic swing carousel with both the thrill of excitement and the sensation of flying.

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Formula One

Car ride has 5 themed toys to choose from including Thomas the Tank Engine and Mator from "CARS".

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Kidzone (Mini Miami)

Modern thrill ride for kids where parents can see their children's expressions changing with the motion of the ride.
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Traditional Swing Boats

Original Victorian high flying swing boats can be ridden by adults and children.
Providing fun for the whole family.
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Cups and Saucers

Six spinning teacups which can accommodate adults so mum and dad can ride too.
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Has been the most popular children's experience for many years now. You can let your children walk on water without getting wet.
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Aqua Boats

Is the ultimate motorized boating experience where your children can captain their own boat.
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Crazy Golf

Children can try their skills on our 9 hole mini golf course.
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Adventure River

Paddle your way round the twists and turns of the adventure river in your own canoe which can seat 1 or 2 children.

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Santa Train

Hop on board the santa train, choosing to ride along with Santa in his sleigh or on Rudolf and his friends.
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Mini Waveswinger

Small children get to enjoy the sensation of flying.

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Go Gator

This kiddie coaster is a thrilling children's ride that’s fun for all the little ones. You will see lots of smiles and giggles as the gator races around the track.

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Bungee Trampolines

A fantastic, safe and accessible way to enjoy acrobatics and bungee jumping but with none of the risks. Fly like Superman or enhance your gymnastic skills … It's up to you!

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Inflatable Slide & Dome:
Pony Adventure:
Children get to ride their own horse around the course.

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Land Train

Battery powered land train, available for hire on a variety of terms for business and corporate events.
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Traditional Lighthouse

Children love this traditional ride, such fun!
A lighthouse themed helter skelter.

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Pony Adventure

Children get to ride their own horse around the course.

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Fantasy Island (Dubai)

As part of this global spectacular event (Global Village) we provided our super log flume and dodgems for the past 3 years.

We are truly an international and world-wide company with the infrastructure and man-power to provide rides and attractions for your events.

Festivals attended include: Download Festival, T in the Park, V `Festival, Creamfields and Reading Festival

Beach Events and Winter themed events attended: Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, The Beach at Brent Cross, and Liverpool One Alpine in the Park.

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